Questions to Ask When Considering Purchasing a Pub

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Owning and running a pub is not like running any other type of restaurant; a pub may be expected to have a larger selection of beers and ales than a standard restaurant, and the business may be busier after dinner hours rather than during lunchtime and even dinner itself. Because it’s somewhat different to own a pub than a diner, café, and other such establishment, you want to carefully consider some questions about the pub you’re thinking of buying and the business overall to ensure it’s the right choice for you. Ask yourself if you’re the right kind of person to run a pub If you want to run a restaurant because you enjoy cooking exotic dishes and making a lovely presentation to your customers, you actually might not be the right type of person to run a pub. A pub usually means finger foods that go well with beer and ale and can be eaten while the crowd is watching a game on television. While some good dishes might be appreciated in a pub, you need to think seriously about the types of foods that are expected to be served and if you are ready to educate yourself on different beers and cocktails that are expected in a pub, versus the foods you would normally serve in an upscale restaurant. Has the pub faced any recent violations? Be sure you check if a pub has faced any recent violations, more than just standard health code violations you might expect from a restaurant. The pub may not have had the right licensing in place for the alcohol they were serving, or may have allowed someone underage to serve alcohol. In cases like these, be sure you know if those violations were corrected and that you’re ready to get the needed licenses. You also need to consider if you’ll be required to hire new staff once you purchase the pub, as this can mean a slowdown in your business if you open the place while being understaffed. Note if a lease or tenancy might be a good option Buying a pub as a private owner means that you can run it as you please. However, if you’re just starting out in the business, you might ask about a lease or tenancy. This allows the current owner to simply lease out the business to you as you run it, and you pay them a certain fee. If you start with this option, you can see if owning a pub is the right choice for you, and then buy the business as the end of the lease...

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4 Ways to Make Your Next Hotel Visit More Eco-Friendly

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If you like to stay eco-friendly, there’s no need to put those principles on hold when you visit a hotel. Of course, you won’t be able to control how the establishment is run, but you can take a number of steps before you book, while you’re there, and after you leave in order to make your visit as eco-friendly as possible. 1. Treat it Like Your Home One of the reasons people tend to be wasteful when they visit a hotel is that they will be charged the same amount regardless of their use of water and electricity. That makes it tempting to take nice long, hot showers and leave laptops and TVs on when they aren’t really needed. The first step to an eco-friendly hotel visit is simply to imagine that you’re paying the utilities yourself. 2. Use the Lights Right One of the odd things about hotel rooms is that they’ll usually have a number of different lights fitted. You might have one off the entrance way (however short), one for each bed, one for the desk, and another main one for the room itself. Make sure you only turn on the lights as needed. You won’t need that main one on when you’re reading in bed, and you won’t need any of them but the main one on while you’re getting changed in the morning. 3. Consider the Location It doesn’t matter how eco-friendly you are in the room itself, those acts will be negated if you need to spend plenty of time driving to and from the hotel, so take the location into account. If you’ll merely be staying one night for business before catching a flight the next day, look for something close to the airport. If you’ll be taking in the sights of the city over a few days, look for somewhere close to the centre. 4. Leave Feedback Most hotels will ask you to leave feedback, so you can continue making things eco-friendlier by highlighting any problems. Sure, a hotel won’t necessarily act on what you say, but telling them about any environmentally-damaging practices that they have adopted is always worth a shot. You can even give them a shout-out on Facebook or Twitter to draw attention to any current eco-friendly practices. This will encourage others to visit and help put pressure on nearby establishments to up their environmental game. It doesn’t matter whether you’re back at home or staying in a five-star resort, there are always ways to make things eco-friendlier, including the tips listed...

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How You Choose the Best Self-Drive Boat for Your Holiday

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If you are planning to take your next holiday to the waters, a self-drive boat or cruise is something you will want to have in mind. However, before hiring one, you need to be careful because the type of boat that you choose can determine how good or bad your holiday experience on the waters will be. With so many self-drive boats for hire from different companies, finding the perfect one will require you factoring in some things and making good choices. Here are some tips to help you find a good one that will help transform your holiday experience. Look At the Size The size of the self-drive is essential while spending your time on the waters. When you are considering the size, think in terms of the amount of space in the self-drive boat rather the boat’s actual size. Space will be affected majorly by the number or age group of people that you will be having on board. For instance, if you are going on the holiday with your family and you have older children, like teenagers, you may want to go for a boat that will have an extra cabin for them so that they feel comfortable with their own space. This spare cabin can also be used for storing stuff like purchases. Look At the Beds Carefully The type of beds on the boat does matter, especially if you have kids aboard. If your children sleep in separate or single beds, sharing one may be an issue. Therefore, pick something that has single beds so that everyone is satisfied. For bunk beds, consider the age of your kids. School age children can use bunk beds, but for pre-schoolers and toddlers, don’t pick a boat with a bunk bed for their safety. Check for Safety Features Safety is key to having a fantastic holiday on the waters. Therefore, check for things such as smoke detectors, non-slip surfaces, and handrails to ensure that you have a safe environment during the holiday. Consider the Suitability of the Boat Depending on the kind of holiday you want, look for the essentials that you will need. If you’d like some time away from the TVs or computers, you may not want to consider things such as Wi-Fi availability for instance. If you’d like to prepare most of your meals on the self-drive boat hire, go for one with features such as fridges and...

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Partying in a Wheelchair: Five Accessibility Features to Look for When You Hire a Party Bus

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Party buses typically feature great sound systems and fun interiors. While those features are fabulous, they are not the only ones you need to consider if your or any of your guests has mobility concerns. If you are trying to hire a party bus that is accessible to people in wheelchairs, here are a few essential features you need: 1. Accessibility ramp So that wheelchairs can get into the party bus, the bus needs an accessibility ramps. Ideally, you want a ramp with anti-slip surface for stability, and you want the ramp stowed beneath the party bus so that it doesn’t take up extra space in the bus itself. If you are comparing multiple party buses, ask every company how long it takes for their accessibility ramps to extend and retract. That will help you save time as you hop from venue to venue. 2. Restraints for Wheelchairs Once the wheelchair is in the party bus, it needs to be restrained. Otherwise, it can roll all over, hurting the person in the chair as well as other passengers. Ideally, you want a restraint system that is easy to use, and if possible, you want a track system integrated into the floor to provide extra safety to the person in the wheelchair. 3. Sufficient Headroom If possible, also look at how much headroom is available in the party bus. Large buses that carry dozens of passengers typically have plenty of headroom, but if your party “bus” is actually a van or a limo for a smaller group, you should look carefully at the headspace. Ideally, you want the vehicle to have a slightly lowered floor so that anyone who is in a wheelchair can sit comfortably. 4.  Handicap Accessible Toilet If the bus has a restroom, make sure that it is handicap accessible.  If you cannot find a party bus that has a handicapped accessible toilet, make sure that you are plan to be in the party bus for relatively short amounts of time. Alternatively, if you plan to drive hours to a special party destination, make sure that there are handicapped accessible toilets along the way. 5. Accommodations for Scooters and Wheelchairs When talking to party bus hire companies, make sure that their buses can accommodate the type of mobility aid you or your guests use. For example, some buses that accommodate wheelchairs may not accommodate scooters, and if you or a guest uses the latter, you need to know if that is going to work before you arrive for the party. To learn more about the accessibility features of party buses, contact a party bus hire company....

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